Pine Street Baptist Church   - "Working Together As A Family To See God"
                          OUR HISTORY
A small number of Christians felt the need for a second Baptist Church.  In 1895 the Second Baptist Church was organized, and the late Rev. George Edley was elected the first minister. Meetings and services were held in an old store building owned by the late John W. Painter and Robertson Clothing Store.  This building was located on South Marion Street where members worshipped regularly. After four and one-half years, Rev. Edley saw fit to resign as pastor. It was at that time the members decided to build on the present site - East Pine Street, a small, but more comfortable and convenient building for their services; at the same time changing the name from the Second Baptist Church to Pine Street Baptist Church. Rev. W.D. Scott of Clifton Forge, VA was called in 1900. Under his direction a cornerstone was laid and a dedication service for the new church building was held in 1901.In 1905 Rev. Scott resigned. In 1905 late Rev. E.P. Jackson of Pittsburg, PA was called to serve. Rev. Jackson served twenty years, In April 1911, a mortgage burning ceremony marked the liquidation of all indebtedness on the church property. In 1925, God saw fit to call Rev. Jackson to his eternal reward. The late Rev. C.G. Cabell of Lynchburg, VA served from 1925-1933. Rev. T.V. Moore was called to the pastorate of the church in 1933.  Rev. Moore served faithfully from 1933-1949. In July 1949, the Rev. G.M. Grandison of Lynchburg, VA became pastor. Under his leadership, the church purchased a parsonage located at 332 E. Pine Street. After serving for three (3) years, Rev. Grandison resigned. In 1952, the Rev. Eric H. Hooker of Waco, TX was called to serve as pastor. Because of his physical condition, Rev. Hooker resigned in 1955 and returned to his home in Waco, TX. In 1955, the Rev. Irving S. Waters was called to assume the leadership of the congregation. After three years of labor at Pine Street Baptist Church, Rev. Waters accepted a call to pastor in Portsmouth, VA. With the new decade of the sixties, came a new pastor to our church, the Rev. Henry A. Townes. He began his duties on July 1, 1960. Building space had become cramped because of growth and facilities were now inadequate. The congregation began to increase their building fund contributions. With a substantial amount on hand, the congregation was inspired to make concrete plans for our new facility. The Joint Board of Deacons and Trustees worked diligently, with their pastor to make a specific proposal to the congregation. Upon the recommendation of the Joint Board, the congregation voted on March 9, 1961 to authorize the Trustees to proceed with the necessary steps to purchase the adjoining land. On March 8, 1964, the congregation accepted the present building design. The first worship service was held in the new building September 25, 1965. On January 30, 1966, disaster struck. The church experienced a devastating fire which damaged the majority of the educational and administrative space of the church. All repairs were made after many prayers and faithful services were given. The indebtedness was retired on the present building in 1979. On September 23, 1979, the church was paid for and the air conditioning unit.  Dr. Townes served faithfully for 30 years. He retired from the pastoral ministry in August 1990. Under the leadership of the Board of Officials, a second Church parsonage was purchased in December 1990 located at 342 E. Fudge Street. Rev. James M. Harrison, a native of Surry County, VA was called as pastor, December 1990. He assumed duties in February1991.  Rev. Dr. Henry A. Townes was then honored with the title “Pastor Emeritus”. The church purchased two properties adjacent to the Sanctuary for future expansion, the Burks’ and Rucker’s lots. Rev. Harrison resigned as pastor on December 31, 1996. Pine Street Baptist Church continued to work together as a church family during the following year, and without a pastor, purchased additional property at 412 S. Alleghany Avenue, On January 4, 1998, God blessed Pine Street Baptist Church and its members with another Shepherd, the Rev. Dr. Thomas S. Simmons of Cambridge, Mass. Rev. Dr. Simmons retired as pastor on December 30, 2011, after 14 years of dedicated and faithful service.    Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Harper of Vinton, VA was called as Minister April 2013.  He assumed duties in May of 2013. Under his leadership church membership increased, Youth Choir was reorganized under the direction of Erika Burks, Praise Team reorganized under the leadership of Someko Allen, an organ purchased for Sanctuary, a Video Sound Room was built and video equipment purchased, addition of second van, provided drum set for Sanctuary, parking lot partially paved and the process started to purchase additional properties adjacent to the church.  Rev. Harper resigned as pastor February of 2017 
The family at Pine Street Baptist Church continues “Working Together as a Family to See God”. 
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